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Family Days and Awards

Family Day

Our Family Day is being held on Saturday 20th May, 2017 at Wyre Forest School, Habberley Road, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY116F

It’s a great opportunity for all families to get together (including extended family and carers) and spend time together. Families can share stories and experiences and practical information. Take a look at our family day photos in May 2015.


To find out more and register for the family day please contact

Alison Turner:

or Kelly Jones Whale:


There will be a Travel Award for UK & Ireland based PMS Families attending the Family Day applications available later in Feb/March 2017.


To date PMSF UK have been able to provide our families with over 40 awards for PMS children and their siblings. Awards going towards horse riding, swimming, sports & art clubs and additional therapies. The trustees at PMSF UK have agreed to provide a number of different type of awards going forward so please look below and if you’d like to apply for your family then click on the application below and e-mail the completed form to:


Applications can be submitted at anytime and will be reviewed 3 times a year. Families will be informed shortly after the cut off date with the final decision. January 31st 2017, May 31st 2017 and September 30th 2017. If applying for more than one award please complete an application form for each award and indicate which is your priority.



  • PMSF UK is a small charity and will seek to support as many awards as it can afford. The trustees will make decisions on awards and affordability.
  • Families can apply for multiple awards and may apply several times (within the same year or multiple years). The trustees will seek to share the benefits across the whole community; so will take re-applications into account if they need to prioritise awards.
  • Families are responsible for any tax obligations associated with receiving an award.


PMS Therapy Award

These awards are for a PMS individual for an enriching activity such as sports, art or music clubs. Maximum application £250.


PMS Sibling Award

These awards are for the sibling of a PMS individual for an enriching activity such as sports, art or music clubs. Maximum application £250.


Training/Education Award

This award is for the parents or guardian to access training courses to support the family. For example – sign language, behavior or sleep management, manual handling or holistic courses. Maximum application £500.


PMS Individual Equipment Award

This award can be applied to support the PMS individual with specialised sensory toys or equipment, communication aids or applications (this does not include a family computer). Maximum application £500.


Family Activity Award

This award is for a family day out that includes the PMS individual (e.g. zoo, theme park, aquarium). Maximum application £250.


To download a PMSF UK AWARDS application form please click here: WordPDF

Family Day and Awards
Family Day and Awards
Family Day and Awards